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 Dongguan AROJET INK JET Technology Co.Ltd is a professional company for industrial logo printing equipment and variable data printing system,as Chinese Industrial inkjet printer manufacturer,supplier and wholesaler integrating R&D, production and sale. Company products include small characters ink-jet printer, large character ink-jet printer, bar code ink-jet printer, hand-held ink-jet printer, laser jet printer, UV variable data printing system, color variable data printing system, water-based printing machine, supporting identification, tracking, anti-counterfeiting automation system, prevent commodities fleeing system, etc. We can meet almost all logos ink-jet technology requirement used by all fields.

  AROJET enjoys a high reputation in the country peer enterprise, the company based on many years experience in the computer technology, network technology, automatic identification technology, electronic radio frequency technology, succeed to use professional technology and products in logistics, telecommunications, insurance, railway, aviation, postal, medical, manufacturing, fashion industry and other fields. Company research and development strength powerful, has a number of utility model patent technology, and a number of core technology in the international leading level. The company strict executes testing standards in the process of production, and pursues perfect quality of products. AROJET provide clients with advanced business philosophy: high quality, low failure, low-cost, automation, intelligence, diversity, energy saving, environmental protection, maintenance, simplification of the high-end products!
  AROJET is committed to create a global leading brand of high-end printing!

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  Company's main brands: APOLLO and AROJET, main products: automatic printing machine equipment, laser marking equipment, bar code management system, Identify automation, detection and tracking system and its consumables. Apollo, AROJET have built service points throughout many country in Asia, especially China market, now is directly or indirectly for many world top 500 such as SONY, LG, UPS,  Samsung, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Philips, Siemens, Pepsi, etc.

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