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High resolution printer nozzle not spray out ink?

Datetime:2015-09-15   Click:1510

  When the printer a long time can't normal print code or the nozzle can't spurt, we should pay attention to the right maintenance and processing steps, or it will lead to high resolution printer nozzle serious damaged consequences, because printer nozzle is a high precision instrument, Once accidentally broke necessary to change the nozzle, and nozzle prices are generally high.



  The common failures of the general high resolution printer are nozzle jamming or poor printing effect, so the first we should think of is to look at the panel light is normal or not, in the normal printing condition is lights turn red first then to white after triggered photoelectric sensor by hand, white light can't be too long, if white light bright for a long time to check the information whether the length is too long, if the length above 1000, that is first to exit printing status, at the same time hold down CTRL + DEL to delete the information before it is ok to edit a message; If it is a bright red light is not on a white light, the printing parameters set option synchronous printing, as long as cancel synchronous printing; Moreover, if the indicator is normal on, then check if nozzle film falls off, if not, the nozzle surface film present yellow, if falling off the nozzle surface present white. if high resolution printer nozzle film dropping, replace the nozzle, If not falling off, and then to see whether the ink is normal, see if there is no leakage of ink in the nozzle surface to determine whether the nozzle or mainboard failure.

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