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common faults and solution for High resolution printer

Datetime:2015-09-23   Click:1342

   High resolution inkjet printer is printing machine DOD (drop on demand) type commonly High resolution inkjet printer of AROJET printing vendors have Mini smart printer, portable printer, V8 barcode printer, V11 drug supervision code printer, the MP-258 high resolution printer type etc. Generally when faced with high resolution printing trouble, please don't worry, let us analyse the common failures and solutions to remedy the situation.

  The common faults of high resolution inkjet printer almost are nozzle jamming 、 disconnection, skewing and so on, this situation seriously affects the printing quality. Analysis of the reasons for this situation is nozzle not clean when maintenance, the correct cleaning maintenance method is: first of all, turn the nozzle to the 45 degree Angle with horizontal plane, and then put a trash below; The second step is to take the corresponding type detergent aiming at the nozzle to spray 2-3 times, and will see the ink will flow with the detergent into the trash can; The third step is, take the non-woven to wipe the nozzle area around, be careful not to wipe nozzle directly, this is the wrong operation technique which cause the nozzle jamming; Finally is testing to squeeze ink, if you can squeeze ink properly, printer can work normally without bubble in the ink, but if the ink just come out with air bubbles,it will need to squeeze a few more down the air bubbles out of the refill tube, avoid inkjet breaking off.

  If the nozzle of high-resolution printer jam, first of all, according to the cleaning maintenance method to clean it again and squeeze ink, try printing after completing these steps, if it still can't print,you will need to contact the manufacturer after-sales engineer to assist.

  When printing skewing need to check whether there is slight congestion nozzle, if not nozzle jamming, have to contact the professional personnel to handle, Can't open nozzle in private, prevent damage of high precision components.

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