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AROJET BD - 588 bar code printing machine

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Industry application 
BD-588 is suitable for metal, plastic, wood, aluminum, cartons and a variety of materials such as building materials industry. Detection of two-dimension code, the two-dimension code anti-counterfeiting, two-dimension code anti-channel conflict, veterinary drug two-dimension code trace has a unique solution.


printing all sorts of trademark, graphic transmission is not affected by width ratio and the length of any restrictions, printing international one dimensional, two dimensional barcode, supervision code, automatic printing: database, date, time, and the serial number, batch number.

Detail parameters

Machine type: BD - 588
Print precision: 300 dpi
Print fonts: computer fonts (entity, lattice)
Print graphics: all sorts of trademark, graphic transmission is not affected by width ratio and the length of any restrictions
Print barcode: international one dimensional, two dimensional barcode, supervision codes
Level of bar code: grade A or grade B (depending on the material
Print range: 18 mm - 72 mm
Print unit: 4 (which can realize the seamless connection spurts India)
Print software: special printing software
Print height: 5 mm to 10 mm (nozzle to the object distance)
Database: Excel, Access,  CSV, TXT, jet, etc
Automatic printing: database, batch number, date, time, class and serial number, etc
Store information: computer capacity decided, basic unlimited
Message length: each message 250 characters
Printing speed: up to 40 m/min, printing effect is determined by the material
Ink color: black, red, white, blue, etc
External interface: USB, synchronizer, photoelectric sensor, update interface
Using the environment: temperature 3 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ humidity 10% ~ 80%
Use ink: quick drying environmental printing ink or oily ink, without external gas source and diluent
The machine size: 34.7 * 22 * 10 cm
Machine weight: 12 kg
Case material: stainless steel
Machine bracket: up and down adjustable 50 cm to 75 cm, manual before and after and precision trimming function
System power consumption: the average power consumption is lower than 10W AC 220 v power supply parameters
Printing materials: metal, plastic, wood, aluminum, cartons and building materials and other materials
Status display: print, synchronizer, photoelectric sensor, normal light display


Model display

Product description

• Healthy environmental protection, economic efficiency, simple operation, and convenient maintenance

• Effect: 300 DPI jet printing effect, equivalent to the printing effect

• Anti-fake: machine can connect the user-defined database to spray printing number and barcode, achieving the anti-counterfeiting function

• Convenience: a key boot, simple ink cartridge replacement, sealed ink supply system, the ink does not leak

• Cost: low cost of operation mode, without adding any mixed solvent, thus can save material cost

• Assurance: nozzle is not blocked long time standby, boot to print, get rid of the disadvantages of traditional machine

• Utility: multi-usage, can realize lattice and entity font spray print, and big and small characters spray print characters

• Simpleness : light display machine’s various state, all kinds of the machine condition be clear at a glance

• Environmental protection: use environmental printing ink, no pollution by printing products

• Maintenance: less machine parts, maintenance is simple and convenient

• Optional accessories: synchronizer, LED - UV fixed-line equipment, air-cooled fixed-line equipment, material platform

Moedel display

1 panel

2 front

3 flank


4 bracket

Packaging and Transportation

After-sales policy 


Warranty for one year, since the date of delivery and acceptance of the project; Nozzle is a vulnerability of plugging hole, hole deformation and artificial damage out of place in the warranty.

The warranty service principle

1, During the warranty period , the warranty products within the scope of free maintenance.

2, Warranty, or does not belong to the warranty scope of maintenance services, FOHONG digital charge at cost and spare parts for maintenance.

3, Repairing equipment must be packed in accordance with the original packaging , or encapsulation using fairly protection measures. Due to improper packaging or damage caused by the transport is not in the scope of the warranty.

4, FOHONG digital and FOHONG digital products dealers will provide warranty service in accordance with the terms of the corresponding products.

In case of failure, please do not tear down machine, please contact our after-sales department in time, and  any adverse consequences or losses by disassembly privately, shall be borne by the enterprise.

Sample display


Free Proofing Description

FOHONG digital Technology Co.Ltd provide free proofing service,if you need ,please send your product samples to the following address:“Wusha Number.553 Changan town Dongguan city Guangdong province”      

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