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Optical Fiber laser marking machine- environmental protection and energy-saving printing equipment

Datetime:2016-01-06   Click:1394

  According to the code type industrial inkjet printer which can print variable data, barcode and QR code could be divided into two categories inkjet printer and laser printer. Inkjet printer need ink, diluter and cleaning agent and so on consumables; Laser printer is without any supplies for example optical fiber laser marking machine. It works without any consumables, and save the cost on the daily maintenance of machine maintenance expense, so printing machine industry is praised as environmental protection and energy-saving printing equipment.

  Optical fiber laser marking machine not only can print identification information on nonmetallic material surface, also can print the logo do not wipe in the metal surface. Because optical fiber laser marking machine and high precision printing effect, so are normally used for printing fine, high precision of the surface of the product. Such as: electric cars, electric vehicle chassis frame and motor industry products such as the unified coding, also used in automobiles, integrated circuit (IC), electronic components, metal products, tools, accessories, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, precision instrument clocks and watches, glasses, silicon wafers, electronics, electrical appliances, communications, computer, clock and watch, glasses, jewelry, craft ornaments, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipe, medical equipment and other industries.

  It is a simple example, such as we drink bottled mineral water, canned beverages of the surface of the outer packing will see by Mineral water, laser marking machineSpray print production date, time, batch number, serial number, in both English and Chinese words and so on identity information, and even some on product packaging have flight optical fiber laser marking machine print QR code identification. These signs usually have not wiped the characteristics of the permanent marking effect, so more printing industry customer advocate energy conservation and environmental protection.

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