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Carton lateral printing machine for the packaging industry with new printing solutions

Datetime:2016-01-08   Click:1690

  In the packaging industry with high speed development of innovation, printing solution is becoming more and more diversified, industrial printing machine function is becoming more and more comprehensive.As requirement of packaging industry customers, AROJET inkjet printer supplier would launch out a new generation of carton lateral printing machine, it can lateral print logo clear, print qr code scanning rate of 100%, quality is stable, the price is reasonable, for better feedback customers to provide efficient, reasonable printing solutions.Carton lateral printing machine can spray on the side of the carton barcode, LOGO, variable, the variable qrcode, chinese letter codes, Numbers, text and other identifying information.

  In order to satisfy the Internet Of Things identification security traceability technology , carton lateral printing machine scratch resistant, alcohol resistant with UV ink , realize the identity function for a long time, the system uses the continuous ink system, guarantee the normal work of the equipments without stop ;Printing machine nozzle 360 DPI resolution, high resolution makes the content more clear; Single nozzle width is 36 mm, meet the width within the scope of print information, and the cartons lateral printing machine nozzle can be seamless splicing to make printing width increases, up to 280 mm in height characters;Printing machine at the same time support eight nozzle and printing can be variable qr code identification in any one side of the carton , is currently only one be able to spurt the code machine in the market to achieve online lateral carton printing equipment (handheld spurt the code machine also can be printing on the side of the carton, but the hand pressure spray printing speed far less cartons online of the lateral printing machine speed).

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