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Pesticide anti-fake code printing machine help pesticide anti-fake and traceability the promotion

Datetime:2016-01-09   Click:1501

  Pesticide anti-fake code printing machine is able to spray on the pesticide packaging traceability bar code, such as qr code identification information of the new machine.Pesticide safety is directly related with people's health, therefore pesticide companies on product quality traceability management is a new trend, also is the inevitable result of economic and technology development.In pesticide implement anti-fake and traceability plays a cornerstone role in the process, so AROJET ink jet technology constantly explore new printing technology to better meet the IOT security back function.

  First look at the pesticide anti-fake code printing machine to spray printing the basic elements of two-dimensional code,barcode :one is the enterprise code, composed of five digits, it comes from pesticide manufacturing approval certificate number coding;Second, commodity code, is composed of four digits, it originates from the enterprise the number assigned to a specific product;Three component code, is composed of five English letters, the top two said pesticide category, behind three said the specific composition of pesticide;Four is an indicator, packaging packaging hierarchy is usually 0-9 level;Five is the dosage form of code, it is composed of three English letters, the three English letters is the abbreviation of pesticide formulations;Six is toxic code, it is composed of one decimal Numbers, from 1 to 5, respectively, highly toxic, high toxic, medium poison, low toxicity;Seven is the pesticide random serial number, it is made up of 15 decimal number.Understand the composition of pesticide anti-counterfeiting code factors we can more clear about the quality of the pesticide, toxic ranks, packaging, etc to make analysis, to ensure the safety of pesticide.Pesticide anti-counterfeiting code spurt the code machine is coding logo printing machine Guangdong printing factory for pesticide as long as companies provide non-standard custom spurt the code machine service, spray can meet all kinds of printed material and spray content requirements.Pesticide anti-counterfeiting code printing machine as the basis of pesticide anti-counterfeiting traceability equipment, AROJET brand inkjet printer supplier operation is simply easy to use, not only spurt the code machine stable quality, reasonable price, and the company has a strong after-sales service team to provide timely and effective after-sale service to our customers.

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