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AROJET new handheld inkjet printer come out

Datetime:2016-01-15   Click:1477

  With industrial inkjet printer technology continuous update,inkjet printer is more humanization,not only simple and also multi-usage function.Guangdong AROJET chinese inkjet printer manufacturerbased on HB-988 technology successful build new handheld inkjet printer-HB998.It marks the handheld inkjet printer can print QR code into the variable field,is a progressive leap in printing industry technology.

  New handheld inkjet printer not only has the HB-988 small and light character,convenient to move with 16V lithium battery,low power consumption,8H continuous work,more than 20H stand-by time.Ink color variety such as: black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible ink, etc., can meet the needs of customers with different color material code.New handheld inkjet printer can not only print both Chinese and English, digital, text, LOGO, design, such as simple information, more can print variable information such as the barcode, the QR code, chinese letter code,so HB-998 new QR code printing machine can more fully meet the printing industry clients for large items of anti-fake QR code,barcode printing. For example:large corrugated carton after packing, wooden boxes, metal boxes, plastic boxes and so on assembly line can't carry shipping products, need to purchase the traceability of anti-counterfeiting anti channeling goods qr code, a new handheld inkjet printer HB - 998 is your best solution.

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