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Lubricant QR code printing machine in IOT market

Datetime:2016-01-18   Click:1350

  Cars as a means of transport,more and more families have one or more cars, so car oil is also like gasoline from industrial products into the nature of the fast moving consumer goods. So oil two-dimensional code stenciling is also to more lubricant manufacturers use, in barrels of lubricants packaging, label, cover printing with the uniqueness of the two-dimensional code, bar code, to achieve manufacturers to tracking the quality of lubricant. And the two-dimensional code can also as a product in the warehousing logistics process tracking and sale of lubricant businesses lottery promotion of the most accurate vouchers. 

  We all know that you want to be a good product sales must highlight the differences between their products and ordinary products, in order to attract the eye of consumers. Lubricant QR code printing machine identification security traceability technology is rapidly applied to the industry, the fact that consumers are more willing to use scan two-dimensional code lottery method to participate in sweepstakes, businesses can by scanning each barrel of oil to record the awarding promotions and the usual sales, do best selling goods and sluggish goods a clear distinction between manufacturers by scanning QR code can track every bottle of lubricant sales information. At the same time lubricant QR code printing machine used UV inkjet printer ink has a scratch resistant, anti alcohol effects, can make the printing of two-dimensional code information to long-term logo. 

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