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Guangdong AROJET INK JET TECHNOLOGY electronics components printing machine advantage

Datetime:2016-01-21   Click:1373

  The improvement of economy makes people electronic product update cycle gradually shortened.Therefore, electronics manufacturers in the high speed production of various kinds of electronic products.In many large electronics factory are using electronic components printing machine  on electronic components do not wipe the name, type etc, not only in the same type of electronic products have played an important role in differentiation, and more convenient in enterprise control on the quality of products.

  Electronic components printing machine is a new type of lattice printing machine, to 125 m/min on the function of high speed continuous in product surface spray print variable Numbers, words, language character, LOGO, barcode, date, serial number, batch number, etc.Electronic components jet.the original continuous ink system and characteristic of the ruby nozzle can reduce nozzle blockage of spurt the code machine, and extend the service life of machine.Electronic components of machine use black, white, red, yellow, blue wait for color to satisfy customers with different color printing needs of the electronic components.Is the most important electronic components spurt the code machine with complete functions at the same time, spurt the code machine is cheap, so each big printing industry customers widely applied to each category of the printing products.AROJETChinese inkjet printer provide you with the most reasonable printing solutions.

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