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Guangdong AROJET create perfect printing carton code with TONGYI

Datetime:2016-01-22   Click:1354

  TONGYI enterprise and AROJET work together to create a market platform,On the inkjet printer erection AROJET PC-686 carton printing machine, in the enterprise TONGYI product outer packing box printing production date, batch number, retroactive two-dimensional code, variable barcode identification information. (with variable two-dimensional code as the carrier to achieve draw, awarding, anti-counterfeiting, anti-fake quality traceability and real data marketing.) any products in mass production to do on every product quality control must be for each product code, products have a unique identity to and quality of products, sales information tracing. 

  Guangdong AROJET inkjet technology co., LTD. provides the most efficient and economical solutions  for perfect printing carton code with TONGYI -PC 686 carton printing machine.For example the successful combination of rock sugar snow pear carton QR code printing,100% scanning rate, Ink can rapidly solidified in the surface of corrugated carton, to form a scraping resistance alcohol.By scanning the inner or outer cartons as agents and distributors of qr code when the data information back to the Internet of things platform, product sales can grasp the ticket information, etc.

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