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Carton printing machine principle of the simple analysis

Datetime:2016-01-23   Click:1453

With the growing prosperity of the packaging industry and the rapid development, packaging is also changing, so for packaging anti tracing code printing requirements more and more high. So spray printed carton customers before purchase to spurt the code machine to know to buy into the most suitable for carton printing machine principle of work.Guangdong AROJET company more than 10 years working in R & D and production for the needs of a variety of industrial inkjet printing machine, more to meet the carton side spray designed specifically for research and development of new SP-8000 UV spray to spurt the code machine.Let me introduce a carton printing machine working principle

First Carton lateral printing machine is a new type of printing equipment controlled by computer, printer side spray nozzle frame in a line on the platform, and then to print the contents of the carton for data editing and typesetting in anti-counterfeiting traceability system of inkjet printer, edited after issued printing instructions in inkjet printing system; carton has been opened in line platform on the run to the spray head for identification code printing carton printing machine. Usually has a sensor to induce spray objects position and transmit signals to the inkjet printer, the speed of the line set in inkjet printing options, and then through the encoder to print objects counting, ensure carton marks the printer does not appear garbled. Channeling code, carton printing machine working principle and an important one is the use of color inkjet printer ink jet printing according to customer carton's color. 

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