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bottle cap QR code printing machine into the beverage industry

Datetime:2016-01-25   Click:2286

  Bottle cap QR code printing machine is AROJET inkjet technology co., LTD. according to beverage manufacturing packaging industry demand custom printing a UV printing machine, it can be in metal and non-metallic surface spray print variable barcode, QR code, chinese letter codes, Numbers, text and other identifying information.AROJET is the high quality printing machine brand, so we can to provide customers with quality assurance, such as customer needs non-standard customizable spurt the code machine and form a complete set of spray printing system), and supporting the sales price of UV ink, convenience for the customers.

  Beverage industry rapid development at the same time there are many illegal businessmen manufacturing sales inferior, expired, counterfeit brand drinks, pose a threat to our health.For further regulation of beverage industry market discipline, convenient source manufacturer from production to the terminal consumer product quality tracking and make it easy for consumers to identify beverage authenticity, whether in the warranty period, whether it is formal manufacturers information, such as cap QR code printing machine plays an important role in the process.For example, in plastic or metal beverage bottle caps chinese letter code UV printing machineprinting variable QR code contains a large amount of information content, manufacturer by scanning, the information of each product to save and uploaded to the database, by scanning QR code regulation beverage quality food quality supervision department, consumers can get the product detailed data scan QR code.So bottle cap QR code printing machine has gradually become part of beverage manufacturing enterprise application,inkjet printer has a good development prospects.

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