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Agricultural products traceability code printing machine widely used

Datetime:2016-01-26   Click:1815

  The safety of agricultural products is closely related to our health, so the quality of agricultural products is very important. AROJET INK JET TECHNOLOGY Company R & D and produce agricultural products traceability code printing machine that can full marks of agricultural products production, processing, packaging, transportation, sales and other process, well solves the difficult problem of the safety and quality of agricultural products traceability. And general office of the State Council issued on accelerating the important product traceability system construction of opinion, which mainly to agricultural products, food products, agricultural production, agricultural products processing equipment implementation anti-counterfeiting traceable management goal. 

  Fight for 2020 anti-counterfeiting products traceability system construction completed, whether agricultural products traceability code printing machine of agricultural products, the second level security code or awarding code can cover all products. Assurance whether which batch agricultural products appeared quality problem, can be through a database query these products on the security code to in a timely manner to the issue of agricultural products positioning and reduce the security problems and timely recall problem query. Use of agricultural products traceability code opportunity greatly improve work efficiency, in the inkjet printer products distribution of the manufacturer's logo, packaging date, serial number, batch number, bar code, two-dimensional code information, convenient consumer product information and in the consumer mind set up a good differentiation, attract the eye also established an excellent reputation and word of mouth. 

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