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Application of two dimensional code anti-fake tracing system in agricultural production

Datetime:2016-01-28   Click:1415

  Two-dimensional code anti-fake tracing system has been applied in all aspects of life, not only in food, beverages, cosmetics, electronic products, building materials, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries are widely used. In agricultural production is widely used.The principle of two-dimensional code anti-fake tracing system is in product surface spray print variable or constant two-dimensional code identification information, for the enterprise product traceability and for consumers to identify products is more than the period of validity, whether it is formal manufacturers and other detailed information; importance of visible AROJET two-dimensional code anti-fake tracing system in industrial and agricultural production.

  Two-dimensional code anti-fake tracing system in agricultural production is mainly used for production date to spurt the code, the code on the shelf life of pesticide, seed packaging printing, the product anti-counterfeiting logo printing and so on, variable data inkjet printer can be in on the surface of the package printing two-dimension code, bar code, production date, shelf life, production batch number, serial number, frequency, text, image, logo, etc identification information. For agricultural producers to provide clear, simple to identify the authenticity of the information is an important basis, to prevent serious damage caused by inferior products in the process of agricultural production. 

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