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The economic entity character inkjet printer is a good helper food date printing

Datetime:2016-02-20   Click:1429

  Compared to spurt the code, SP-8800UV word MP-258 surging inkjet printer industry competition is intense, the economic benefits of inkjet printer is undoubtedly occupies the absolute advantage. AROJET inkjet printer manufacturers launched economic entity character inkjet printer  can meet the general production date, digital, English, logo, pattern, stream water, such as variable information printing, and relative to the price of V8 bar code printing machine, V11 serialization code printing machine printing machine offers a lot of. In performance and small character to spurt the code machine and mini smart machine not only can jet printing dot matrix font and solid word, Arial, empty body font and the price is cheaper, so the overall speaking is very advantage.

  The premise of the food industry in the direction of the development of networking environment is to do Cuanhuo unified standardized management securitytraceability entity, word inkjet printer plays a basic role in the food industry information in the logo. To meet the most basic food packaging production date, batch number, time counting, bar code and two-dimensional code for security can print, some just want to emphasize that the machine itself can not print variable barcodes and 2D codes, before printing in the software to generate two-dimensional bar code and after a picture format and then import inkjet printing. Of course if customers need to print variable on the one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar codes high resolution inkjet printer in V8, making the V11 models.

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