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Food traceability code machine to ensure the food safety project

Datetime:2016-02-22   Click:1716

the people's livelihood projects to ensure food safety, stressed firmly establish the development concept to people as the center of the implementation of the "four most stringent requirements to guarantee people's safety tongue" is the party committees at all levels, the government bounden responsibility. Over the past year, levels of the Food Safety Commission, food safety office and members of the unit in the performance of their duties. To strengthen the construction of legal system, the implementation of regulatory responsibility, governance table pollution has done a lot of work, including agricultural products, food quality and safety requirements to achieve a code traceability. The effect of accelerating the establishment of authority supervision system from central to local grassroots up, implement the whole supervision system of strict, strict from farmland to each line of the table, zero tolerance for illegal behavior, out of hand, the next punch, and effectively protect people's health and life safety. So in the whole process of supervision on food safety. Inevitable food traceability code printer help.

Food traceability code machine can produce from planting to harvest to flow into the whole process of the market of agricultural products logo printing traceability. In every stage of encoding the corresponding spray printing, to integrate the whole production process after final packaging packaging information and edited into a small can scan two-dimensional code. The two-dimensional code, the variable through the agricultural products traceability code for variable barcode, date, batch number, serial number and other information packaging printing products.Chinese inkjet printer manufacturers in product storage, a library before scanning the two-dimensional code information and input database can achieve Cuanhuo for each product quality supervision, and the purpose of food recall; safety supervision departments will be much more convenient for the manufacturers of product quality management; consumers to buy safe and secure food and food packaging by scanning the two-dimensional code information. Therefore, the food traceability code printer Play an important role in ensuring food safety. 

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