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Full angle handheld inkjet printer inkjet printing to lead a new fashion

Datetime:2016-02-23   Click:1376

  Packaging and printing industry, FMCG packaging industry, animal pharmaceutical industry, building materials industry increasingly high demand for coding and marking, the ever-changing types of packaging and packaging requirements spurts the code machine to meet the printing requirements. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the rapid development of the printing industry, Guangdong Arnold McNair inkjet technology Co., Ltd. R&D create to full angle to spurt the code HB-998 full angle handheld inkjet printer. This machine is in the original HB-988 full range inkjet printer supplier based on upgraded to jet printing variable bar code, two-dimensional code, letter codes of Chinese new type Penma equipment.

  HB-998 full angle handheld inkjet printer can immediately Edit Print variable numbers in English characters, batch number, serial number, variable variable bar code, two-dimensional code, hanxinma logo. The information created a mini handheld inkjet printer can also print variable two-dimensional code first, it is a new handheld inkjet printer. The whole point of view a new handheld inkjet printer at speeds of 35 m / min, the printing speed is not due to increase the number of lines and change. This color inkjet printer ink inkjet printer using the black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible ink, color printing materials to meet different requirements. It is important full angle handheld inkjet printer not only has a large online printer can print variable two-dimensional code, and small size, easy to carry, move, therefore already will be listed as printing industry user enthusiasm to order.

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