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Food encoding inkjet printer of food safety traceability standard refresh

Datetime:2016-02-25   Click:1540

 food safety is a topic of common concern of the whole society. Especially with the rapid economic development and the rise of electronic business, on the one hand, improve the people's quality of life, make shopping more convenient; on the other hand also make some illegal businessmen fabricated by rapid circulation of shopping channels, marketing of fake and shoddy, expired metamorphism products. This not only physical and mental health of consumers pose a threat to more to life safety hazards, so we need every product can be active to be found. AROJET Food encoding inkjet printer can help food enterprises to achieve the quality of the food, the security of the entire process can be trace back to the target. 

The food safety is to be completed by supervision department of food quality supervision, but after all, is a manual operation, speed and accuracy can't meet the expanding food industry market, so will give a fake and shoddy food manufacturers offer an opportunity. But now popular variable code traceability system has been the major industry application, food encoding inkjet printer in the food industry to use in food packaging bags, packaging boxes, packaging cans, plastic, paper, glass, tin, aluminum foil and other material surface printing variable numbers, text, bar codes, two-dimensional code, English character, hanxinma variable information sign. These signs can accurately display the food from raw materials to production to the whole process of sales terminals, so these enterprises can identify quality accurate traceability of each product, and the product problems can timely recall; Consumers by scanning the logo to quickly identify the food quality. Such as economic entity character inkjet printer MP-258 high resolution printer, HB-998 handheld inkjet printer, V8 bar code printing machine, SP-9000 UV high speed inkjet printer, SP-8000 UV side jet spurts the code machine, SP-9200 UV color inkjet printer, SP-8872 wide format UV variable data inkjet printer, PC-686 personalized printing of inkjet printing system; dot matrix characters inkjet printer A-308 etc. is Arnold McNair representative of inkjet printer to refresh the full traceability of food safety standards. 

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