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How about the price of handheld and operating considerations

Datetime:2015-09-08   Click:1187

  Handheld printer prices is decided by machine brands generally, imported hand-held printer is more than ten thousand Yuan to forty thousand Yuan or so commonly, with printing barcode or big character; Domestic cheap, but the quality is relatively low.

Operating points for attention.

1,Handheld for small equipment, work is more precise, handle with care. Don't pull nozzle line out after connecting the power, otherwise easy to guide burning nozzle.

2, Hand-held generally use printing side and printing down, keep the surrounding nozzle surface clean after operation. Print content has a white line, like high resolution machine extrusion ink bag, until the printing effect is qualified.

3, After a period of time, need to add lubricating oil lubrication to maintain machine after each use.

  Different Printing manufacturer have different operating mode, the simple content can operate with device, also can be added. More sophisticated content can be connected with the computer to guide into device, or USB.

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