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Inkjet printer using notes

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  Inkjet printer is one kind of the machinery and equipment, in addition to doing inkjet printer daily maintenance, there are also some matters needing  attention , pay more attention to some changes in the device, so as to make the device stable operation.

1, Grounding, inkjet printer is different from other devices, is based on electrostatic deflection, so make sure of good grounding, anti interference grounding. If the grounding is bad, there may be caused poor print quality, ink split point bad problem etc. So it should be grounded while using the inkjet printer.

2, Fire prevention, inkjet printer consumables are flammable and explosive materials as chemicals, so we must pay attention to preventing the occurrence of fire during using. Any used cleaning materials, for example, cloth or paper towel and so on are fire hazards. These items after use must be timely recycling and take a safe measure to deal with. Fire caused by consumables, it is best to use the fire extinguisher. If you choose to use water to put out the fire, first cut off the power supply, because consumables more conductive.

3, Anti-corrosion, inkjet printer ink and solvent are corrosive, so try to avoid touching the skin, eyes, nose, and so on. If accidentally contaminated, quickly rinse with plenty of water for a quarter of an hour, treatment as soon as possible if discomfort. Most ink contains the ingredient easy to be volatile and inhaled into the lungs, must ensure good ventilation.

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