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UV color variable data printer - printing industry new vane

Datetime:2015-09-09   Click:1591

  Science and technology and economic development is the progress of mankind, printing industry printing from monochrome to color is the printing industry technology progress. UV Color inkjet printer as the printing industry new vane  marks printing industry from monochrome printing to color printing striding success, to meet the more diversified printing requirements. So we together understand the color variable data inkjet printer.

  Now many printer manufacturing enterprises research and produce printing color identification information equipment, today AROJET color variable data inkjet printer with high quality credibility as an example to introduce its unique advantages, to provide high quality printing solutions for customers. For example SP-9200 color variable data inkjet printer with vertical resolution up to 600dpi, and support 3mm in micro label printing, scanning rate reached 100%; the single nozzle printing maximum height of 54mm, if customers need printing a bigger picture, we can also seamless splicing of many nozzles printing synchronously, improve the production efficiency; The color variable data inkjet printer is also widely used to anti-fake bill, drug regulatory codes, certificates, stickers and so on products security traceability barcode printing, so it is also a model of a new generation of multifunctional barcode printing machine; Important is that the color inkjet printer can also print color or monochrome one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional barcode, logo, pictures, text, and so on, only one  can print color identification device in the inkjet printer; color variable data inkjet printer can use UV ink, water-based ink, oily ink to meet the requirements of customers for printing different materials, in order to achieve the highest quality printing effect.

  Color variable data inkjet printer nozzle is equipped with automatic cleaning function, ensure the equipment work continuously for a long time barrier-free, become popular with the customers of the printing industry.

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