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Lattice printer work principle in detail

Datetime:2015-09-14   Click:1468

  Usually we default the dot matrix printer is character size inkjet printer, because they are dot matrix font to print unique model. Understand the lattice printer working principle for us to become more familiar with small character inkjet printer, not as helpless in the commonly encountered failure.

  About dot inkjet printer principle, we do a detailed description: the first is under certain pressure, the ink spray to line from the front hole of the printer, at the same time, the crystal high speed oscillation, line split into a series of ink dot , charged across electrode, and the size of the charge from inside the microprocessor according to the printer control words, internal microprocessor also monitor signal feedback, to ensure that the charge and split point ink is synchronized, the charged ink across high pressure plate poles deflect due to electrostatic interaction. And the deflective ink will print on the surface of the object, in accordance with the preset setting, a series of different charging amount ink dot spray to the surface of the object is the character or pattern, with the object moving, more ink on the object surface is reached our request. However, unused ink dots will be back to the machine by recycling collection, forming a cycle of ink supply system; That is the dot matrix printer working principle in detail.


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