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The small character printer sensor does not work

Datetime:2015-09-26   Click:1263

  The small character inkjet printer most widely used in printer industry can automatic print Chinese and English, pictures, and so on. Printing effect completed, high resolution, and it can print date, time, batch number, serial number and so on identification information in irregular shape products. But when the small character inkjet printer sensor failure will affect printing quality or not printing. So when small character inkjet printer sensor doesn't work we need to do the following: 

1, check whether there is any red light on optical fiber head, if there is a red light, observe whether there is a red light after the two small black fiber line exchanged, if red it shows optical fiber line is normal, if not that the fiber line is broken, only exchange for one fiber line.

2, Feel optical fiber head after checking the optical fiber normal, observe the light on optical fiber amplifier whether can be light, if light, the sensor is normal.

3, Remove the sensor, and short out the machine the second pin of the second row of nine spell port with a small metal line, observe whether the machine light is lit, if it is bright, that is the sensor failure, not bright for machine motherboard fuse burned or circuit board fault.

  So the small character inkjet printer sensor fail according to the above steps to check and strictly in accordance with the inkjet printer use matters needing attention to maintenance small character inkjet printer can prolong the service life of inkjet printer.


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