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Economical inkjet printer, multi-function mini inkjet

Datetime:2015-10-06   Click:1329

  In order to meet the needs of different industries to print the code and from the consideration of economic benefits, the inkjet printer manufacturers have a series of advantages of different printing equipment, to adapt to printing industry development trend in the era of big data. Dongguan printer manufacturer AROJET consider not only the practical problems but also the customer experience of a good solution, so on the basic of a portable handheld inkjet printer, through the R&D develop a multifunctional mini inkjet printer.

  Multifunctional mini inkjet printer can one time printing 1-15 line English letters and 1-8 line Chinese characters one time and all character size can be printed, it is economy of a dual-purpose machine. Customer cost saving, energy saving, therefore it is many printing industry customer’s favorite a printing equipment. Mini intelligent printer has not only the comprehensive functions and host is just 11 kilograms of weight relatively large high volume printing machine more convenient portability.

  Not only that, multifunctional mini printer can also be connected with a barcode scanner, weighing instruments to realize real-time data online. To make the production printing identification information more detailed, more simple operation, continue to enhance energy for corporate reputation. Multifunctional mini inkjet printer also has a unique segmentation function, information can be divided into multiple lines from each line, solve the printing problem of the starting position not aligned. At the same time if you want to adjust the size of the characters, have no downtime to return to the main page, can be directly operated regulating character size, so it is very convenient. In terms of function, multifunctional mini printer meet the general date, time, number, text and other information label printing, and the price is relatively cheap in terms of many large-scale printing equipment, so it is a new tool for economic type printing.



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