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How to carry out daily maintenance for small character inkjet printer

Datetime:2015-10-11   Click:1366

We all know that any mechanical equipment need maintenance, so inkjet printer daily maintenance for the small character inkjet printer can prolong the service life of machine. AROJET printing vendors would share some concrete measures for the maintenance of helping customers better use of printing equipment today.

Forthe small character inkjet printer, AROJET has two models small hand-held printer machine and small Multi-function mini printer machine, they are both from the weight or volume is relatively small and convenient, so the operation is more simple. Small inkjet printer need a maintenance test after Boot: print a word 18mm high font and record each time maintenance effect, the purpose of doing that  because when printer using quick dry ink printing is a minimum size of the fonts can lead to other unused nozzle hole appear congestion. And once the nozzle jamming is hard to clean up, the final result can only be replaced a new nozzle. If small inkjet printer in the case of not using more than 3 days to open again, before use should be with a special type of detergent on the nozzle spray 3-5 times, then press the ink bag to release air from accumulation in the nozzle or ink tube to ensure the optimum effect of printing. Secondly, printer ink cannot mix, such easy to damage the machine, if the customer want to replace the ink must contact the manufacturer to change the ink road system, guarantee the normal work of the inkjet printer. Finally, small inkjet printer make sure the cartridge on the device, avoid long time idle leading to ink road and nozzle jamming. After using the small character inkjet printer suggestions don't spray detergent on nozzle, close lid of the nozzle, clean it until last time. 

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