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Advantages of Inkjet Printer

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  The most obvious advantage to inkjet printers is cost. These types of printers range from very expensive to actually costing less than the ink cartridges that they use inside. This is possible because manufacturers are willing to slash the printer price to make their profit from the cartridge and paper sales, rather than the printers themselves. Because many inkjet printers use ink cartridges that contain their own print heads, a well maintained inkjet could last for an absurdly long time (the main limit on a printer's life span is availability of the replaceable cartridges). Inkjets are also capable of printing onto a large variety of print media. Some Industrial Inkjets can print directly onto products or product packaging. But ever home models are ideal for producing self-adhering labels, brochures, and even iron-on t-shirt designs!

  Color inkjet printers are much less expensive than even the most basic color laser printers. A good quality inkjet can produce stunning photo quality prints for a fraction of the price of laser printing. Inkjet technology is still cheaper than dye-sublimation printers capable of the same size paper and workloads, although that technology is catching up quickly.  While inkjets are subject to drawbacks like ink cost, they are the most affordable and versatile type of print technology.  If you would like a high quality, inexpensive color printer with the capability to produce professional documents, color student projects, and high quality photos - then an inkjet printer is for you.

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