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Multifunctional barcode printing machine solve industry anti-counterfeiting problem

Datetime:2015-12-07   Click:1817

  In today's rapid development of science and technology enterprise and products tend to be multi-functional diversity and diversified development. Printing machine manufacturing industry competition is increasingly fierce with the rapid development of printing industry, AROJET multifunctional barcode printing vendors would provide code machine with multi-function and high quality to serve new and old customers.

  In consumer demand rising at the same time, the quality of product manufacturing enterprises in the field of anti-counterfeiting trace and prevent the transregional requirements will also be more rigorous. AROJET printing vendors would produce multifunctional barcode printing machine in the paper, CARDS, wood, building materials, plastic bags, boxes, electronic components, metal, motor, cartons, toys, food, plastics, packaging industry products surface spray print date, time, serial number, batch number, one dimensional, two dimensional barcode, design, LOGO and other identifying information, thoroughly implement anti-fake transregional prevention system.

  Such as multifunctional barcode printing machine application in CARDS paper is sprayed on the anti-counterfeiting paper printing variable information such as batch traceability, coding, etc., so in the ticket anti-counterfeiting trace barcode  printing industry AROJET V8 multi-function barcode printing machine is also known as documents of machine. According to the customer to spray printing content editing is completed on the computer can online spray print, can spray print all kinds of logo transfer any limitation is not affected by width ratio, therefore is suitable for various industries printing needs, is worthy of a kind of multifunctional barcode printing machine.

  V8 inkjet printer use matters needing attention the first is to use oily ink, quick dry ink, UV ink, customers like to replace the ink to contact manufacturer to provide professional and technical personnel to help change, because once in the wrong ink can lead to the code printing machine in the risk of paralysis.

  Multi-function barcode printing machine more can meet the requirements of all kinds of printing material, make contributions to the development of the printing industry.

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