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High resolution printing machine general failures and solutions

Datetime:2015-12-23   Click:1295

  Code printing machine is a kind of printing variable information marking equipment without contacting the product surface, the product of the high-tech in terms of products tracing and tracking has played a very important role.In a fast-paced and high efficiency of work and life, if one of the link is wrong, it will upset originally orderly plan. Same as High resolution printing machine, it inevitably will appear a few small fault in use process, so today we'll look at some of the specific what glitches and gives the corresponding solutions to improve work quality and efficiency.

  The following example lists is the common high resolution printing machine general failures and corresponding solutions:

    1, Printing is too light and not clear, the reason is caused by the change of position and speed spurts India, the solution is: fixed nozzle adjust the belt speed or printing time interval;
    2, Printing with decorative pattern and cracking phenomenon, the reason is that nozzle dirty not cleaned in time to lead to dim the original intact information, the solution: take corresponding 
good inkjet printer consumable to printing machine Type of detergent to wash shower nozzle, (note that cannot be directly with cloth when cleaning scrubbing the shower nozzle, but to meet with detergent on the gush after 3-5 cloth wipe off the nozzle area around)
    3, Nozzle can not squeeze out ink, the reason is that high resolution sprinting machine is multi-purpose fast dry ink, if long time no shower nozzle ink will cause nozzle spray out ink curing, the solution is: manual type press ink bag induction force ink extrusion, and then return and scrubbed a shower nozzle.

  Above is the common high resolution printing machine general failure, we can understand the solution in time to deal with problems better, improve the work quality and efficiency.

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