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Different type of printing machine ink can not be mixed

Datetime:2015-12-24   Click:1445

  If printing machine as a living individual, then the ink of printing machine is as that the blood flows through the individual, so that good quality ink has had a huge impact the health of the normal operation to printing machine. Different types of printing machine ink can not be mixed, in order to avoid irreversible damage for printing machine.

  Printing machine ink can be devided into CIJ ink, DOD ink and UV ink according to the use type of the printing machine. According to their  physical properties and chemical properties can be divided into: water-based ink, oily ink, UV curing ink, all of these can not be mixed. The CIJ ink is for dot matrix printing machine, DOD ink is for high resolution printing machine, UV ink is for UV printing machine; ;Water-based ink is green ink that soluble in water; Oily ink is insoluble in water only soluble in organic solvent ink; The UV curing ink is only under the irradiation of ultraviolet (UV) curing ink.So all of these different types ink can not be mixed .Once the combination of good inkjet printer consumable can lead to printing machine failure or scrapped.

  There will be some differences in chemical composition between each printing machine ink manufacturers, forming as a result of the different physical and chemical properties of ink, once the customer accidentally mixed different type ink, it likely to cause the ink printing machine nozzle blockage, the entire system of ink road congestion, finally leading to damage the printing machine and cause serious loss to the customer, so the different type or manufacturer ink can not be mixed.

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