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Basic knowledge of the printing machine ink simple analysis

Datetime:2016-01-20   Click:1177

  As is known to printing machine consumables including ink, abluent, diluent, etc., the maximum dosage is printing machine ink.So the ink quality directly affects the service life of the spurt the code machine, the customer should choose high quality assurance ink for the guarantee of printing machine machine the decisive factors in the normal and stable operation.AROJET take a brief introduction of basic knowledge of the ink to spurt the code machine, help customers quickly discern the stand or fall of quality ink.

  Basic knowledge of the printing machine ink includes:The PH of printing machine between 7 and 8 without corrosive,not caused damage on printing material surface.Ink viscosity should be moderate, can prevent the ink jet printer nozzle clogging; conductivity value represents the ink for inkjet printer ink salt content, to avoid inkjet printer nozzle crystallization and corrosion inkjet printer nozzle membrane.The classification of the ink according to the color classification is divided into pigment ink and dye ink, according to the solvent can be divided into water-based and oil-based ink.

  Secondly,the printing machine ink basic knowledge and save time mostly ranging from 2-3 years and the ink to be saved to the environment quality of the air is clean and not flow too fast. So stored for a long time good inkjet printer consumable is used prior to shake it. 

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