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AROJET One thing one code program

Datetime:2016-01-12   Click:1771

  "One thing one code" Just as its name implies is an item that has a unique identity.With  industry4.0 advocate implementation, and called for "Chinese wisdom to build 2025", the concept of "Internet of things" in spreading, security traceability based on the Internet of things technology have mushroomed grew rapidly.With downstream manufacturing boom, Upstream e-commerce Internet + grand trend of the implementation of the digital marketing strategy, traditional industry marketing model is already declined, so "Internet of things +" marketing mode can bring spring for industrial manufacturing.So the barcode,QR code, PDF417 code and chinese letter code, DATAMATRIX code type printed on each product as the basis of IOT anti-fake traceability information carrier has been widely applied to all walks of life, such as: food, beverage, cosmetic, building materials, packaging, chemical industry, animal husbandry, aquaculture, agriculture, electronics, machinery, medical and health care, pharmaceutical and other industries, some customers of them have successfully implemented "One thing one code" such as: hsu fu chi, HUAMEI, WANGLAOJI,XUEHUA beer, LUZHOULAOJIAO (a kind of liquor), the European pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical god, animal husbandry, beauty, BMW, Chinese pine electronics higher well-known enterprise.

  For example, the XUEHUA beer successful implementation "One thing one code" has a large capacity of information, high error correcting ability, wide range of encoding, encryption, decoding high reliability.XUEHUA beer "One thing one code" the principle is to establish perfect identification security traceability technology database, meanwhile database in the production process of beer pick out manufacturer information and code data printing on every bottle cap formed a unique product identity code by code equipment.Period of beer packing after production line, AROJET SP - 8000 UV lateral printing machine print corresponding data of QR code, bar code on the side of the carton,then check in scanning information into the database by the related data collector beer bottle to trace and prevent channeling goods, finally to keep beer storage and warehousing and logistics information data synchronization.XUEHUA beer"One thing one code" make beer enterprise can do product quality traceability management, improve enterprise credibility and popularity in the country's regulatory management;Consumers use their phones to scans the bar code on the beer bottle caps, beer case, beer bottles or qr code, beer manufacturers, production process, all relevant information is presented in sight, so the advantage of "One thing one code" is self-evident.

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