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HAITIAN electronic supervision code case


  On December 4, 2007, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine in "about carrying out the state council on strengthening food product safety supervision and management of special provisions on the implementation of product quality electronic supervision notice" (the inspection quality al [2007] no. 582), the decision to include industrial products production license and the focus of the compulsory product certification (CCC) management products electronic supervision ". Food, household electrical appliances, man-made board, wire and cable, agricultural materials, gas appliances, labor protection articles, electric blanket, cosmetics, and other key nine categories of 69 kinds of products will be the end of June 2008 full implementation of the electronic supervision, all products are labeled with the electronic supervision code can be listed.

2、【Customer profile】:

  Haitian sauce has  many years to keep the soy sauce production records, first in the country and has maintained a high growth rate, is worthy of the name of the first domestic condiment industry brand. On October 28, 2005, Haitian (smart) to taste food co., LTD., grand opening, all condiment production will be more than 2 million tons per year, after the production is the salt of the world's largest integrated production base.

3、【Printing demand】:

  Production enterprises through the electronic supervision code to product production, quality and other sources of information transmission to the regulatory network database, the circulation enterprises through the electronic supervision code and stock information transmission of check and acceptance of goods into the regulatory net database, when it comes to sales to transmit sales information to regulatory network database, the data quality of information available for consumers to true and false and queries, for the government law enforcement anti-counterfeiting, quality traceability and product recall management, for enterprises to understand the market supply and demand situation, sales channels, and involved in false information.

4、【Printing solution】:
  Regulatory network each product gives the only electronic supervision code, to achieve "a yard management, electronic supervision code corresponding to the product of the production, circulation, consumption and other dynamic information collected in real-time database, enterprises need to download the corresponding commodity electronic supervision code, then import computer, again through the spray on the corresponding commodity code system. Because each corresponding a barcode label, corresponding information for each of the barcode is different, normal printing can not meet this requirement, application printing equipment to fulfill the requirements of variable, and the printing speed, high efficiency!

1、Model: PC - 686 printing system.

2、Functions: support print drug regulatory code, food regulatory code printing, packaging printing, RFID tags, label printing.

3、Features: convenient and practical, simple operation, powerful function, convenient maintenance.


5、【Printing effect】:
The LOGO is clear, effective, economic efficiency and simple operation.

6、【Contact Us】

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