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SONGKE electronic technology co., Ltd

Datetime:2015-08-21   Click:1521

Shenzhen SONGKE electronic technology co., Ltd case


PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is one of the important components of the electronic industry. Almost every electronic device, small to electronic watches, calculators, big to the computer, communications, electronic equipment, military weapon systems, as long as there are integrated circuits and other electronic components, in order to the electrical interconnection between them, use the PCB. In larger electronic products the research process, the success of the most basic factor is the product of PCB design, documentation, and manufacturing. PCB design and manufacture of quality directly affects the overall product quality and cost, and even lead to the success of business competition. For ease of management and traceability of production enterprises, can spray print information on the circuit board.

二、【Customer profile】:

  Shenzhen SONGKE electronic technology co., LTD founded in 1994, is the earliest engaged in "induction intelligent entrance guard system" of one of the enterprises. Since 1997 R&D and production of entrance guard system, gradually formed covers access control, parking, elevator control, patrolling, attendance, meeting attendance, library, consumption, water control, electronic smart IC card management system, and become the leading supplier of fire protection equipment, providing customers with hardware and software research and development, production, sales, services and consulting in the integration of customized services. Families and loose consecutive years was named "China's security ten big brand", "China security ten national brand", "excellent security products safe city construction", was named "China top 100 enterprises". Company will be adhering to the principle of versatility, serve the society, from the "intelligent entrance guard and one-card industry actual demand, relying on its own and ZHONGAN technology co., LTD. the formidable scientific research technology platform, has achieved a breakthrough of the" intelligent entrance guard and all-in-one-card ", to lead and promote the development of China's intelligent entrance guard and the IC industry.

3、【Printing demand】:

Printing one-dimension code on PCB 

4、【Printing solution】:

  Enterprises need to transform print information into one dimension code by computer and printer, information coding has uniqueness ,to meet enterprise requirement of security, traceability, regulatory functions.

1、Model D-007  high-precision economical printer

2、Function support printing dot matrix and entity, built-in four font;

3、Feature economical printer, support printing, plastic, metal, wood, aluminum foil, paper, film, glass and other products;


5、【Printing demand】:

Ink, non-toxic, no pollution products. Low cost operation mode, without adding any mixed solvent, material cost can be saved.

6、【Contact Us】

Unified national service hotline:400-6686-088



Address:Wusha Number.553 Changan Town Dongguan City Guangdong Province



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