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Midea PCB printing case 


  Printed circuit board often use abbreviations PCB or write PWB (Printed wire board), insulation board as base material, cut into a certain size, with at least one conductive graphics, and cloth have a hole (such as component hole, fastening hole, hole metallization, etc.), is used to replace previous device electronic components of the chassis, and realize the connection between the electronic components. Because of this plate is made of electronic printing, so called "printed circuit board. Circuit board companies need to mark QR code on circuit boards, printer also can be a very good implementation, and high scanning rate.(in order to improve the circuit boards of barcode scanning rate, can be printed on a layer of white on circuit board first, and spray bar code is printed on a white background).AROJET German circuit board printing machine, flexible quick printing is the first selection of PCB enterprise identification equipment.

2、【Customer profile

  Midea Group is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise group mainly household appliances manufacturing, listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange on September 18, 2013, which owns the XIAOTIANE and  welling subsidiaries of listed companies.

3、【Printing demand】:
  Printing date, type, the internal encoding, bar code and other information on the circuit board surface. 

4、【Printing solution】:

  Printer senses when PCB through assembly line, nozzle without contacting circuit board to print the needed information. In a circuit board, can to spurt the code more than position deviation between plus or minus 0.5 mm, speed up to 40 m/minute or so.

1、Model:BD-588 barcode printer

2、Function: one-dimension code、QR code、barcode printing

3、Feature: convenient and practical, simple operation, powerful function, convenient maintenance


5、【printing effect】:
Economic efficiency and simple operation,the customer is satisfied.

6、【Contact Us】

Unified national service hotline:400-6686-088



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