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white spirits label printing case analysis
Chinese spirits is a unique distillation wine to China a, is one of the eight spirits in the world. Starch as raw material, with yeast for the saccharification and fermentation, can be brewed for various kinds of alcohol by cooking, saccharification, fermentation, distillation, aging and blending.  According to the Han Fu《Du Kang made wine》, wine, especially
distillate spirits originating in XIA dynasty, invented by the fifth prince Kang (also known as Du Kang).China as the largest white spirits production and marketing, the wine culture strong, during the party at the feast, between relatives and friends, drinking high spirits is indispensable.White spirits is a kind of drinks in great demand. There is many white spirits brands with various packaging in market. Now part of the factory in order to do a good job in white spirits brand for anti-counterfeiting,traceability, management, adopt QR code, and make some good effect, QR code in white spirits industry anti-counterfeiting and traceability will be a kind of trend.

2、【Customer profile】:
  LUZHOULAOJIAO is traditional famous white spirits, begun in 1573, LUZHOULAOJIAO、XIFENG、FENJIU and MAOTAO are four famous wine of our country. LUZHOULAOJIAO LTD. is located in Luzhou of Sichuan cellar square, is a state holding listed company with 400 years history of winemaking. Luzhou is located in Sichuan, the history of Luzhou is relate to a long history of Sichuan wine culture. It ranked seventh in 2012 "HUAZUN CUP" the fourth session of the Chinese wine brand value evaluation, , its brand value is: 28.146 billion Yuan. LUZHOULAOJIAO Company Limited the total assets is 6.895 billion Yuan, more than 360000 square meters, the market value about 56.364 billion Yuan. It has abundant resources with 10086 aged pit pool, more than one hundred aged pit pool 1619, wine storage capacity of 80000 tons, packaging production capacity of 150000 tons.

3、【Printing demand】:

  White spirits label QR code printing

4、【Printing solution】:

  UV inkjet printer with automatic platform, by non-contact way printing, print the QR code on   white spirits label. Each label is corresponding to one QR code, corresponding information for each QR code is not the same, to meet the requirements of enterprise management.

1、Model:SP-8800 UV variable data printer
2、Function:one-dimension barcode 、 two-dimension code、 drug supervision code

3、Feature:SP8800 variable data、Typesetting flexible、U V drying;

5、【Printing effect】:

  SP-8800 drying characteristics makes code easier to dry, normal method cannot wipe, with printing clear, good effect.

6、【Contact Us】

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