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XUEHUA beer case analysis

  Carton: is the most widely used packaging products, according to different materials, such as corrugated carton, single layer carton, with various specifications and models. Carton is widely used in the food packaging industry, the enterprise will note on the information and specifications related to the product or company, etc, for example product name, specification number, processing manufacturers, agents, Enterprise publicity information, production date, QS number, export quarantine identification, information required by the quality supervision department, etc., used to trace and easy management.

2、【Customer profile】:

  China Resources Breweries Co., Ltd was founded in 1994,is a national professional production and management of beer brewery headquartered in China.

3、【Printing demand】:

  Packaging carton one-dimension and two-dimension code printing, used for trace and management.

4、【Printing solution】:

Guangdong AROJET inkjet technology co., LTD. Specializes in packaging industry development of UV spray printing system, in the snow beer bottle caps on variable qr code include, for example: spurts India manufacturer code, product category, type of packaging code, official website, etc.In snow beer case side spray printing variable qr code, bar code contains information such as: a bottle of beer information, vendor information, contact information, etc.By scanning bottle caps, beer case on the qr code to achieve the quality of beer anti-counterfeiting trace and regulatory purposes.

1, model: UV SP - 8872Wide variable data printing machine\SP-8000 UVVariable data lateral jet printing machine

2, function: variable one-dimensional code and qr code spray printing, the production date, production batch number and other information code

3, features: UV variable data printing machine typesetting flexible, convenient and practical, simple operation, lateral jet spray printing, and so on

4, prototype:

5、【Printing effect】:

 Economic efficiency, simple operation, good satisfied the printing needs of customers, the customer said very satisfied.

6、【Contact Us】

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