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HUAXIA animal husbandry

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HUAXIA animal husbandry company QR code printing case analysis


  In order to regulate feed, veterinary medicine production and operation order, protect the legitimate interests of legitimate businesses, facilitate tracing management of feed, veterinary drugs, improve the quality of products, guarantee the quality and safety of animal products, protect public health, in accordance with the law 《the People's Republic of China about computer information system safety protection regulations》(commodity bar code  management method)and 《veterinary drug labels and specifications administration regulations(agriculture ministry order NO. 22)》《the feed and food chain traceability system design and implementation of the general principles and basic requirements of GB/T22005-2009》and other state laws, regulations and technical standards, these measures are formulated.
Veterinary drugs, means for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of animal diseases or purposefully adjust animal physiology substance, containing medical feed additives. Theoretically, chemicals affecting the body's organs physiological function or cell metabolic activity are belong to the category of drugs.

2、【Customer profile】

  HUAXIA animal husbandry company Mainly engaged in animal medicine and health products research, development, production and sales. It has become a collectivization joint-stock enterprises with modern market system development. Company owns LVYUAN biotechnology research center in Henan province, HUAXIA pharmacy, SIHAI pharmacy, WUXING pharmacy, SHENZHOU pharmacy  and HUANGHE pharmacy six economic entity.

3、【Printing demand

Veterinary drugs feed packaging Certification Specification label anti-counterfeiting QR code printing.

4、【Printing solution】

    Veterinary medicine enterprises apply for veterinary medicine QR code from the local bureau of animal husbandry, after obtaining veterinary drug QR code key, enterprise download veterinary medicine QR code traceability management data from animal husbandry bureau website. Inkjet printer connect to the computer, through software printing veterinary medicine QR code stored in the computer. Printer takes the QR code on veterinary medicine outer packing or veterinary medicine label with non-contact  , in order to achieve traceability management requirements.

1 Model: AROJETBD-588 barcode inkjet printer
2 Function: QR code、barcode printing

3 Feature: Economic efficiency, simple operation, healthy environmental protection, easy maintenance

4 Prototype:

五、【Printing effect】

The printing is clear, the efficiency is very high, the customer is satisfied.

五、【Contact Us】

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