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Datetime:2015-08-26   Click:1309

Jiangxi BAISHEN pharmaceutical company safety printing case analysis


  State food and drug administration files (the food drug safety office [2010] 2010) regulation, every essential medicines production of the bid-winning enterprises, should be joined the drug electronic monitoring network before March 31, 2011, basic drugs before leaving the factory, the production enterprise must print unified logo drug electronic monitoring code in accordance with the provisions on the minimum product to market sales packaging. File also requirements: from April 1, 2011, not joining network and not using the drug varieties of electronic supervision code unified label shall not participate in basic drug bidding procurement.

2、【Customer profile】

 The origin of Jiangxi BAISHEN pharmaceutical group is XIEJI drugstore from the Qing dynasty emperor in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi province. It is in accordance with the modern enterprise management mode of operation of private high-tech enterprises completely. Group consist of  Jiangxi BAISHEN pharmaceutical group co., LTD. (located in Yichun City of Jiangxi pharmaceutical industry park, covers an area of 300 mu), and Jiangxi CHANGNUO pharmaceutical co., LTD. (located in JINSHAN industrial development zone),Jiangxi BAISHEN pharmaceutical co., LTD., Jiangxi ZHICHENG food co., LTD., integrating medicine industrial, commercial, scientific research, established the production, marketing, quality, scientific research, finance, supply, human resources, administrative system of the eight. 

3、【 Printing demand】

print drug electronic supervision code, medicine product batch number, etc


4、【Printing solution】:

  In order to get the electronic supervision code, the enterprise must have the key of drug electronic supervision network firstly, the first key expenses shall be borne by the government, the second key requires enterprises to pay 300 CNY a year. After got the key, drug firms need to apply for the electronic supervision code on the Internet. To print electronic supervision code on the pill boxes, there are two ways: one is artificial attached printed code label on pill boxes; The other is direct printing code label on the boxes. The second way is to use ink jet printer, guide electronic supervision code into the computer, through the ink jet printer printing on the surface pill boxes.

1、Model: AROJET jet printer operation platform; Sp-8800 variable data UV printing machine, etc

2、Functions: one-dimensional codes, two-dimension code printing, barcode printing, drug supervision code printing

3、Features: variable data, flexible layout, U V drying, etc


5、【Printing Effect】:

Drug supervision code is clear legibility and hard to wipe offᆪᆲsatisfied the requirement of customer.

六、【Contact Us】

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