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XUEHUA beer box printing machine establish a new benchmark for printing industry

Datetime:2016-01-16   Click:2023

  XUEHUA beer whether it is in the field of beer industry or FMCG goods market has high visibility and the good reputation is not only source in snow beer taste good, good quality is because the snow beer enterprises to improve and perfect security back management mechanism.

  Guangdong AROJET inkjet technology co., LTD. built UV lateral box printing machine and UV high-speed beer bottle caps printing machinefor XUEHUA beer case.SP - 8872 uv wide spurt the code machine satisfied for beer bottle anti-counterfeiting traceability qr code jet printing,SP - 8000 UV variable data lateral printing machine in beer case each side jet printing variable qr code, bar code, such as anti channeling goods of false identity, help snowflakes beer enterprises to realize a bottle of a yard, a case of a yard quality traceability management.Due to the lateral jet printing can be implemented on the market at present the spurt the code machine only holding a spurt the code machine, can accomplish wide identity information to multiple nozzle for Mosaic spurts India is AROJET research and development of the snowflake beer case spurt the code machine, it can be in any side of the side in the case of the corrugated carton any position of the spray printing QR code, so XUEHUA beer box printing machine establish the new standard of printing machine industry.

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