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Why inkjet printer manufacturer think highly of advantage of mini smart inkjet printer

Datetime:2016-01-04   Click:1524

  In the printing industry after completed the basic anti-fake technology popularization, consumers and the market demand for printing manufacturer would also gradually promote to the aesthetic and deeper higher level of anti-fake. Chinese inkjet printer supplier think highly of smart inkjet printer development in the printing industry, because Mini smart inkjet printer not only can print the regular black, red, white, blue, green, yellow ink, it also can print invisible ink, so more perfect product printing effect. Mini smart inkjet printer with printing invisible ink has helped many enterprises to complete the new product labeled print before light irradiation to see clear print details, as the light source is removed content instantly back to be invisible again, so the advantage of mini smart inkjet printer is increased anti-fake effect and it doesn't effect the beauty of the product.

  The advantage of mini smart inkjet printer is its small volume and convenient installation, connected directly to the barcode scanners and weighing machine equipment to realize real-time data printing effect, it also can connect the external database for anti-fake prevention effect. Mini smart inkjet printer built a variety of fonts inside, meet the needs of the customer diversification printing, and one dimensional barcode scanning rate of 100%, so the AROJET Chinese inkjet printer look forward the advantage of mini smart inkjet printer in printing industry's long-term sustainable development.

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