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A Guide To Choosing The Right Printer

Datetime:2015-12-14   Click:1789

  To select the right printer for your specific needs, you need to understand the difference between: inkjet, laser, color, photo, dot matrix, bar code, label, and multifunction printers.

  This guide will help you gain the knowledge to be able to choose the right printer for your needs. This will help you decide which printer is best for you.

Printers: What, How, and Why?
  Most users are at least a little confused by the seemingly endless array of printer models available. Trying to decide if a laser printer is a worthy purchase for your home, or if an inkjet is right, can be difficult. Most people work frequently with a printer of some sort, either at home or at the office. But does working with a printer mean that we understand what it is capable of? This guide will help you understand the different technologies used in printers. Combined with this knowledgeable guide and an idea of the particular printing capability you want, you will be able to make a much more informed purchase.

  First, the customer should make sure of their products need of inkjet printing machine and laser marking machine, it is worth noting that the type of ink printing machine need the ink as materials, and laser marking machine does not require any consumables. So in this classification method can quickly determine the customer needed model information.

  Secondly, according to need to print content to determine the need is on-demand inkjet or continuous ink jet method.

  Again, depending on the complexity of the printing industry customer printing content to confirm the use of these ordinary simple date, batch number, serial number, spurt the code machine, still need to print QR code, barcode, anti-counterfeiting code, designs, graphics such as high-end printing machine.

  Finally, according to the size of the want to printing contents and colors to judge the suited to spurt the code machine number.AROJET chinese inkjet printersimple information such as date, time, coding can choose and buy when the price is relatively cheap handheld spurt the code machine, a lot of small character spurt the code machine, high resolution printing machine, etc., if the barcode for color, QR code can choose when fully functional types of UV inkjet machine.

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