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The advantage of using micro character printer

Datetime:2016-02-24   Click:1510

The micro character printer is sprayed on the surface of the product can be printed with small volume variable numbers, text, characters, bar codes, two-dimensional code traceability identification information of small printing equipment. SP-8000 UV side spray ink jet printer for printing large carton packaging and other traceable identification information is usually used in Arno of Guangdong science and Technology Co. Ltd. Czech jet PC-686, personalized printing UV color inkjet printer, SP-9200 inkjet printer, SP-8872 UV wide SP-9188 UV high speed inkjet printer, inkjet printer, inkjet printer HB-998 V variable bar code, two-dimensional code with full angle inkjet printer and printing models. Small packaging boxes, packaging bags, electronic components, small hardware parts, cosmetics packaging, beverage packaging food, packaging, building materials industry products such as micro logo must use the micro character printer. 

The micro character printer can print the 1mm font height on the surface of the product of the positive body small, form a scratch resistant, long identification information against alcohol. Micro character inkjet printing in the form of bitmap fonts, is commonly used in the production date, batch number, serial number, class variable information printing, so also known as the dot production date inkjet printer, small character inkjet printer. Micro character printer Guangdong inkjet printer manufacturers can rotate 180 degrees on the surface of nozzle, suitable for all kinds of special printing products and printing speed up to 125 m / minute, ink color inkjet printer using the variety, meet in a variety of color material printing the demand is important. The printer price micro character printer cheap, it has obvious advantages in the printing industry market. 

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