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rice qualified certificate printing machine to ensure the safety of rice quality traceability

Datetime:2016-01-19   Click:1514

  Food is the first necessity of the people, food is the most basic conditions for survival. With the rapid development of the economy, countless small processing workshops have also quickly completed the construction and production ,Some workshops to in accordance with the standards of production and testing method to perform, but there are still a lot of black businesses in counterfeiting, fraud, making counterfeit expired, poisonous food manufacturing .Therefore rice qualified certificate printing machine in food safety traceability issues have always played an important role in escorting, today let us to see some the advantages of a simple analysis of the rice certificate printing machine and its significance. 

  AROJET chinese inkjet printer manufacturer is a professional dedicated anti-fake traceability in the tracing and tracking system printing equipment R & D and manufacturing of imported inkjet printer brand businesses. As we said above, the rice certificate printing machine is in the outer packing bag of rice, packaging box, rice qualified certificate printing batch number, serial number, production date, one-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional bar code, logo and other types of "identity card" information. The production of packaging manufacturers through their rice to do a unique marker and put each data uploaded to the Internet and save to the database, convenient and people can quickly find the detailed information of each product and can even directly with to the person responsible for the production of rice, the source and production process in detail. Let rice suppliers to achieve product quality safety traceability is simple and easy to implement. So rice qualified certificate printing machines to protect the consumers to buy the rest assured that the safety of rice, is to protect the patron saint of food safety traceability. 

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